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I stumbled upon MileIQ about 6 months ago. I was looking for a product that would help me NOT forget to write down my mileage, because if you are like me, I spend hours at the end of the year trying to calculate all the miles I have driven. I am a epic procrastinator when it comes to this stuff. When I found MileIQ I was BLOWN away. You literally do nothing. It tracks while you drive, and then you just swipe it into whatever category it belongs (business/personal.) I am all about saving time and spending more time with my family. I was losing thousands of dollars over the course of a year by not tracking everything consistently. But I can say that because of MileIQ I tracked more miles in 1 month than I did all year last year. This has seriously been one of my favorite apps for my business, and its a total game changer.

I was so pumped to talk to Jennifer over at MileIQ last week and I couldn’t stop gushing about what a great app this has become. We are doing a little giveaway for you all! Here are the details:

We are giving away a 1 year subscription to the 1st place winner, a 6 month subscription to the 2nd place winner, and a 3 month subscription to the 3rd place winner. Everyone participating will receive $10 off a year subscription (codes will be sent when the contest is finished!)

We will be selecting a winner who posts a photo on instagram showing us how they will be using the extra time if they win the subscription, make sure to tag @alibrannan @mileIQ and #mileiq #aliandgarrettgiveaway. Be creative! Contest starts 3/17/14 and ends on 3/31/14

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MileIQ takes the hassle out of tracking miles and makes it easy to capture your complete drive history–and get every dollar of deduction you deserve.

Users have embraced MileIQ for offering:

Effortless logging. MileIQ catches every drive automatically — no buttons to press, nothing to start or stop or turn on or off. You can classify each drive in a single swipe or sort them in bulk any time.

Peace of mind. MileIQ syncs your drives to the cloud so you can download mileage expense reports whenever you need them — month-end, tax time, even years down the road if you ever get audited.

Found money. The miles add up quickly–and they’re worth a lot. As one user put it, “Seeing all the money I’ve been leaving on the table has been a wakeup call.”

You can download MileIQ for iPhone for free from the App Store. (Android version coming soon — users can sign up to be notified at A free plan lets you track up to 40 drives per month. Or for $5.99/month or $59.99/year, you can track unlimited drives. (All it takes is a few dozen deductible miles per month and the service pays for itself!)

More information is available at or in the MileIQ listing in the App Store.

The origins of MileIQ

* MileIQ was founded by Dan Bomze, a serial entrepreneur and self-appointed “tax geek” who loves to do his own taxes (yup, really!).
* Dan’s inspiration for MileIQ was the credit card. As a business owner, I’m sure you know how convenient it is to use a business credit card for every business-related expense: equipment, supplies, meals, subscriptions, flights, hotels, etc. There’s no extra step to take, nothing additional to write down — you just use your credit card to pay as you go, then go back whenever you need to and reconstruct a full account of your deductible expenses.
* What Dan noticed was that the only notable expense missing–one that couldn’t be paid for with a credit card–was his business-related mileage, which at 56 cents/mile in 2014 adds up to a significant expense very quickly.
* MileIQ aims to make mileage just as easy to track as every other business expense, by using a device you already have with you all the time (your phone) and having the service run in the background and remember all your drives for you.
* As with your credit card statements, you can access your drive history at any time — same day, month-end, year-end, whatever fits with how you like to run your business — and classify your drives and report your mileage expenses.

Connecting with MileIQ

* Download MileIQ on the App Store
* Like MileIQ on Facebook
* Follow MileIQ on Twitter
* Visit the MileIQ website

*By submitting your photos you agree that MileIQ is able to use them for promotional materials.



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Sharee Davenport - March 30, 2014 - 11:21 pm

There are already not enough hours in the day, why would I waste hours of time calculating mileage from all of my photo sessions when I could have an app that would do it for me? I’d rather be spending time with my awesome kiddo – no brainer!

Bill & Amara | Boulder Proposal Photographer


I got a call early last week from Heather with The Yes Girls  asking if I would be interested in photographing a proposal in Boulder. I was so excited I love proposals, I love those moments that are so special, and I love getting to have a front row seat to these events. Bill & Amara are absolutely perfect together, and I loved the look of nervousness that came over Bill’s face when he walked up to the stone walkway, and I love that Amara had absolutely no idea Bill was proposing until she heard Chris singing the song that Bill sang to her the first day they met. Amara was a absolute trooper in the snow, and I was amazed on how good she did walking all over in her Christian Louboutin’s. She’s my kinda girl!

Heather’s specialty is proposals and creating those events that you will look back on and be totally captivated by all the details of the proposal and that next chapter in your lives together. You can read the interview we did with Heather a while back here…



Proposal Planner: The Yes Girls

Florals & Decor: Painted Primrose

Guitarist: Chris Webb

Chairs: Ali & Garrett



Proposal Photography Boulder



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